The greatest star of all

Once, You won't remember, if you said Hollywood, hers was the face you'd think of.
Her face on every billboard, in just a single week she'd get ten thousand letters.

Men would offer fortunes for a bloom from her corsage or a few strands from her hair.

Today she's half forgotten. But it's the pictures that got small. She is the greatest star of all.
Then, you can't imagine, the way fans sacrificed themselves to touch her shadow.
There was a maharaja who hanged himself with one of her discarded stockings.
She's immortal, caught inside that flickering light beam. Is a youth that cannot fade.
Madame is a living legend; I've seen so many idols fall , She is the greatest star off all.

Yves Saint Laurent & Claudia Schiffer

Lyrics from Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Sunset Boulevard.

Musical version of Billy Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard (Boulevard du Crépuscule o El crepúsculo de los dioses).

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Ma-ra-vi-llo-sa. No hay igual, es refrescante (y eso que todas las campañas de YSL me gustan). Bravo.